UKOUG Ireland 2017

UKOUG Ireland 2017

Once more I’d like to thanks my colleague and friend Philippe Fierens (@pfierens and ) for convincing me to speak at conferences about the things I do for customers. Last year, 2016, it all started at UKOUG Ireland. I am lucky to be selected this year again! I’m speaking at this years OUG Ireland event! (agenda)

My first talk is the first day at 14:15h and will tell you all you’d like to know about ovm. It’s called: OVM on Exadata : Living in a virtual world. You can find the abstract here.  One thing I’d like to mention. Normally this is a duo-presentation with Philippe, but due to circumstances he can’t join, but I’d like to credit him for his part in the presentation. Thanks Philippe, I will try to do it as good as you do!

The second day I’ll be speaking at 15:25 about a very recent project I did, I like to call it the same as the title of the presentation: The Journey of a bi-stack to the Cloud. You can find the abstract here.

So folks, register for the conference and see you there!

As always, questions, remarks? find me on twitter @vanpupi

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