Oracle secure backup. It DOES work on windows

Oracle secure backup. It DOES work on windows

A while ago I was asked to implement a filesystem backup on a windows server. How hard could it be and basically it’s not too difficult. Only one minor thing is not too well documented and I would like to highlight this here.

In this particular setup the service was running under the local system account. Personally I would like to see it under a local user account.

In order to be able to perform a succesfull filesystem backup, we need to teach oracle secure backup how to log on to this system.

Two methods can be chosen.

  • adapt the current configured admin user
  • create an extra user for the windows filesystem backups

In this case the second option was chosen for clarity to split the windows filesystem backups from the linux ones. It’s a choice.



And in the users screen click “add”.

Choose a username and enter a password and change “NDMP server user” from yes to “no” and click “Apply”

You will be redirected to following screen:


2 buttons at the top/bottom are needed now.

First choose the windows-domains button and you see the default:


In this case we don’t have a domain account, so we need to teach him to use the local administrator account:


Domain name is the hostname of the windows guest and the Administrator is the local administrator and the password is the password for the local administrator.

Then click add and go back to the user configuration.

Click on the “Preauthorized Access” button and edit accordingly



Then it’s just configuring this client as you would configure another one.

It took me some windows-like thinking while I was expecting this to be in the documentation.


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