ODC Appreciation Day : The Oracle Community

ODC Appreciation Day : The Oracle Community

This time I don’t want to say thank you to a particular Oracle Feature, but I want to highlight the entire Oracle Community.

It started a couple of years ago. After a nice project implementing OVM on Exadata, Philippe Fierens convinced me to start speaking at conferences. Since then, I did not regret any second of that decision. The Oracle Community is such a warm group of people. The cool part is, you don’t have to be shy! Everyone makes mistakes and that’s human, but apart from super friendly nice people who like sharing knowledge, it is also a very good way of learning.

Being part of the community also stimulates to share knowledge. “Hey, I hit this issue, this is how you solve it, so you don’t have to fall in this trap”. It’s about helping each other and exactly that, combined with a lot of very warm personalities, makes it worthwhile to say:  #ThanksODC

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