ODC Appreciation Day: Application continuity

ODC Appreciation Day: Application continuity

Last year, Tim Hall, the one and only Mr @oraclebase , had the great idea to say thank you to the community with OTN appreciation day. This was a fantastic moment on which lots of people posted about their favorite Oracle product. Last year I wrote a short heads up for Dataguard. You can read it here

For this edition of the appreciation event, I chose a 12c feature: Application Continuity.

This feature is introduced in 12c R1 and does basically what it says. In RAC databases it was already possible to have your select running on the other side when a node/instance failure happened, but application continuity even extends it to most operations.

Enabling it is fairly simple, just some modifications on the rac service, (almost) no java code update and you can shoot your instances at will and the application remains running. I even tested a dataguard switchover and even that one was survived. Prerequisite is that everything is setup correctly, but it is really not too hard to do.

Anyhow, I will dig deeper into this less-used feature and maybe blog more about it.

Thanks Tim for this initiative!

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