Exadata on sparc: sl6-2

Exadata on sparc: sl6-2

EDIT: a new entry about this Exadata SL6-2 launch can be found here!

Yesterday while walking to Larry’s keynote  on Oracle OpenWorld 2016, all people had to pass the engineered systems.


Curious as I am, and fed by lots of rumors I wanted to have a look at them. And indeed, there was one “new” one standing.

the nice thing is that you just can talk to the guys and this extremely friendly guy told me “this one is being announced on Tuesday”. It’s all about the exadata sl6-2. You’d think, ok another exadata, but this one is a bit special. The compute nodes are sparc t7 based and they run Linux on sparc. The nice thing they have 2ib cards and thus potentially 160gb/s available. Sounds something nice to test 🙂

Storage cells are still Intel, but who knows what’s going to come. I had the chance to play with it a very short bit and it’s really running Linux on sparc, ofcourse it’s just exploring and it should be available around December and the virtualized version was to be expected around May 2017. Anyhow, I ‘ll be attending the keynote (so that’s why Larry will do a second one 🙂 ) and then we’ll hopefully know more.


What I know now is that it will come in same elastic configurations as the current Intel based exadata’s

Anyhow … To be continued!


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