Database psu patch july 2016: cannot find -lodbcinst

Database psu patch july 2016: cannot find -lodbcinst

It’s patching time again. So on one of our test systems we gave the july 2016 bundle a go. It’s a simple system, just a plain database with the april bundle applied. No grid infrastructure, no asm, just a plain simple database system.

The sequence is the same as always. Unzipping, conflict check, nothing new. In our case, no conflicts were found so the next step is opatch apply.

All went good until a certain point the make command failed on:

This doesn’t look good.
The good thing is that opatch creates a backup and it’s pretty easy to restore it. It just tells you how to do it.

In the meanwhile there is already a mos-note: New DocumentMake Failed To Invoke “/usr/bin/make -f isqora” ‘/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lodbcinst for While Applying Patch 23054246 (Doc ID 2163593.1)

To save you some time from reading it, the summary is simple. This error comes from the unixODBC package which is not installed on the system.
after installing the x86_64 and i686 version, opatch succeeded successfully.

What’s odd is that if we check the prerequisite packages for eg RHEL in following mos-note: Requirements for Installing Oracle Database 12.1 on RHEL6 or OL6 64-bit (x86-64) (Doc ID 1529864.1) it does not show any indication that this package is mandatory.

For general information about the install notes, this mos-note is useful as well: Master Note of Linux OS Requirements for Database Server (Doc ID 851598.1)

I checked some linux versions for 12c database prerequisite packages, but no luck. No reference found to unixODBC being mandatory now.

I decided to install a clean OEL version (an older image of OEL67 which was the first available I had) and then I used the preinstall rpm coming from the public-yum from oracle.
It’s stunning that in the official rpm does not include the new mandatory rpm’s.

So conclusion, if you are about to install a new system, don’t forget to install the unixodbc binaries as well.

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