2017: It’s a wrap

2017: It’s a wrap

2017 was a challenging and exciting year in many aspects. After going to Oracle Openworld in 2016 (read here about the trip), lot’s new things were announced and 12.2 would be the challenge for 2017 in combination with the cloud.

Project summary for 2017

January was especially interesting because the project I was doing that time (check also my BI stack to the cloud presentation -> you can download it on the right ) was coming to completion. You will remember that Oracle changed the licensing rules for running the database in the cloud. Lots of fuss about it and lots of blogposts were created. Amusing and look where we are now. Levelled out and running happily in the cloud

Project done, means available for the following one. One of the exadata customers had a dba who was sick for a long time. So that is the next assignment. Turned out that I would stay at that customer until November. I had some nice challenges here as well. First of all clean-up old exadata systems, make sure that they go back to Oracle and then upgrade the exadata systems AND databases to 12.2. Let me say that some parts were challenging. But we all like challenges, right? Memo to self. When you use 12.2, use at least the October version. Yup another T-shirt for the collection.

In between some expansions and re-rackings from exadata’s, helping colleagues with things and of course nice technical sessions at Exitas. If you’re in Belgium, get in touch! Then you can join the technical lunches as well.

I also got the opportunity to have a decent look at the Oracle Cloud infrastructure and I tend put some more focus on that in 2018. It’s an interesting evolution. Definitely something that will be continued.


I also did some nice conferences this year.

It started with UKOUG Ireland. This is the conference where it all started for me in 2016. With many many many many thanks to @pfierens to give me the push in the back to start speaking and at @exitas_be for letting me do it and supporting me so well. I do not regret I started doing this and the Ireland conference will always be a special one for me.

After Ireland, the next conference I attended was NLOUG in Amersfoort. Close to home but that was a blast. A nice venue (the “Rijtuigenloods”) and a lot of new faces for me. All nice, friendly, cool and knowledgeable people. Two colleagues (Tom Kenis and Geert De Paep) joined the conference and that made it another successful conference. I did submit abstract for this conference again for 2018 so fingers crossed that they will be selected.

Time flies when having fun and it did. In a blink of an eye it was the first of September and I was so lucky to be selected to speak at POUG. An A.M.A.Z.I.N.G conference in all its aspects. Since the first (or was it the second?) version in 2016, the trend was made and it was immediately clear that it is a conference in a very relaxed atmosphere with extreme high quality content. Kamil, Luiza, and the whole ORA600-team: once again congratulations!

The last part of the year was very busy. First the Slovenian and Croatian conference. I met so many nice friendly people again but unfortunately a platinum patching disturbed the complete conference. Pity, but hey guys, will meet you again in the future but I really did enjoy the nice venue, friendly people, good content. Keep up the good work.

Then it’s time for DOAG. Exciting, my very first DOAG. I have been told it’s big, so as always a little nervous for it but it turned out to be amazing. Also, my very first conference as an Oracle ACE.

To end the conference year in beauty, I was so lucky to be selected to speak at UKOUG Tech17. Thank you so much for this as this is also such a nice conference. A new duo presentation about Application continuity together with Laurent Leturgez. Came to life thanks to the Oracle community.

Oracle Community

In the last half of the year I was nominated as an Oracle ACE. This feels so good. I really want to thank everyone involved for nominating me and also Exitas for supporting me in doing all this.

A special thanks goes to Philippe Fierens (@pfierens). He did so much for me this year in many aspects. Thank you so much Philippe, we will have some Duvels on that!

And so the year ends in all beauty and 2017 is a wrap. In short,… it was a busy, challenging but very exciting year.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!


As always, questions, remarks? find me on twitter @vanpupi

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